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Here is our very first review from our very first bracket kit customer via the Triumph Scrambler Facebook page where our kits were first announced. Kevin had a trip planned and wanted to be sure he received the kit on time. Since we weren't quite open for business at that point, we agreed to send him our very first, unpainted, production bracket. He sourced his own British ammo box and had the kit painted locally. We're very happy it crossed the ocean on time and even more that he's very pleased with the kit! :)
PS: None of these customers were paid or compensated in any way for their review.

"I guess most of you will have seen and admired Gabys' ammo box fitted to his scrambler, I certainly was and placed an order as soon as the bracket became available.

As the ammo box wasn’t quite ready, I sourced a 30 cal box here in the UK and with the template Gaby sent me I got it drilled and powder coated ready for fitting as soon as the bracket arrived.

So the bracket came complete with the fixing kit all securely packed and boxed.
Instantly I was impressed with the quality, it’s a substantial bracket beautifully finished with stainless fixings.

Having downloaded the fitting instructions this evening I set about getting it all fitted. It was a piece of cake and fitted perfectly with absolutely no issues as if it had come from the factory.

I’ll now do a few miles and just check the fixings but I really don’t foresee any problems; I’m absolutely over the moon with it. 😊

The whole purchase process , delivery and quality is outstanding, you can purchase with total confidence."

Kevin D., UK
June 5, 2018

And here are pictures of Kevins' lovely Scrambler rocking the LeBox kit:

LeBox Ammo Box bracket kit

Triumph Ammo Box bracket kit

Triumph Scrambler Ammo box kit Lebox Moto

Triumph Ammo Box kit top view

LeBox Moto ammo box bracket used with Solo seat

(Kevin also tried it with his solo seat before painting the bracket)

Thank you Kevin for your feedback, it's been a pleasure doing business with you :)
LeBox Moto


"Awesome! I got home from vacation, welcomed by a box from Canada. My brackets from LeBox Moto to mount the ammo cans to my Scrambler.

From a fabricator's standpoint, sometimes it makes sense to buy a product already out there than it is to make my own... These are outstanding! Such a great product. Easy to install. I'm glad I bought these. As a fabricator, I could have made my own. But these saved me time. Mine would have been rattle can painted instead of powder coated and I would have used whatever hardware I had laying around.

I bought both left and right in black (Note: Scrambler will only allow left side unless you have short pipes that don't go past the shock absorber.)

The brackets and hardware were well packed. In fact, the hardest part of installation was removing the wrapping from the parts. Both the brackets and the inner reinforcement plates were smooth, no burrs, nicely made. Installation was a breeze with standard hand tools, a drill and drill motor and I used an angle grinder to smooth out the burrs left inside the can from the drill bit, but a file would have worked.

Nice stainless steel hardware and reinforcement plate and rubber isolation/sealing washers were included.

Very well done guys"

Mark R., USA
June 16, 2018

Pictures Mark shared with us:
Triumph Scrambler ammo box bracket kit side view

Triumph Scrambler ammo box bracket kit

Triumph Scrambler ammo box bracket kit top view

Triumph Scrambler ammo box bracket kit

Triumph Scrambler ammo box bracket kit

Triumph Scrambler ammo box bracket kit side view

Thank you Mark for your review, really happy you're pleased with the kit. Enjoy! :)
LeBox Moto