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About Us

LeBox Moto was founded in Quebec, Canada (the eastern French province) in 2018. "Le" is French for "The", and "Box" is English for..."Box!" :)

This venture all started because I loved (and still do) my Triumph Scrambler, but wanted a small practical compartment that would allow me to carry along the essentials (visor cleaner, tools, first-aid kit, glasses, summer gloves, etc.) The military ammo box was the perfect solution and it looked the part. I started sketching what the bracket should look like and asked my friend, who's a mechanic, if he could fabricate the bracket. Sure enough, a few weeks later I was enjoying the added storage space on my Scrambler. People started complimenting my kit, some even asking if it was a factory option. A few reached out to have one hand-made for their bikes, but because of the time required to make one, it wasn't really a viable option.

Our first hand-made prototype was put through 40,000km of Canadian weather. As you probably know, Canada is a vast country with very unique and diverse climates. In Yukon, in June, they have up to 21 hours of sunlight...per day! And during winter they have as little as 5 hours of sunlight and some of the coldest temperatures in Canada. South of Yukon is British Columbia which is famous for it's mild winters. Eastern Canada, on the other hand, is known for having extremely harsh winters and snowstorms capable of burying a car under snow in less than 24 h. The temperature in one place can range from -40°C in winter to +40°C in summer.

Our prototype survived with flying colors. So what did we do? We beefed it up. Making the bracket thicker, adding a stainless steel reinforcement plate inside the box to prevent metal fatigue. Whether you go with the complete Ammo box kit, or you add your own 30 or 50 cal ammo box to our bracket, you'll wonder how you managed without it.

We are really excited to finally put our product out there and have other riders enjoy it as much as we do! :)

Ride safe and we look forward to hearing about your adventures!

Gaby and Jean-Charles